Avoid the Expense & Nuisance of Ownership


Kayaking is a wonderful activity, which is growing in popularity at an astounding rate. And, it is an activity that is much less expensive to enter than many other summer or water related activities such as kite boarding, wind surfing, waterskiing, power boating and wave runners, or sailing.

However, there are expenses and inconveniences related to ownership, too.

Rent from All About Water and avoid the expenses and inconveniences of ownership.

For example, avoid these expenses:

  • The kayaks
  • The life jackets for every family member (and replacing outgrown items)
  • The racks and other items necessary to transport the kayaks
  • The paddles, leashes, dry bags, and other sundry items
  • Incurring the extra gas expense due to the reduced mileage with them on top of your vehicle

And avoid the nuisance of ownership, such as:

  • Having to find storage space for the kayaks when not in use
  • Loading them onto the top of your vehicle for every use
  • Securing them to the vehicle top or elsewhere while staying away from home
  • Lugging them to and from the water at the start and end of every outing.