Why choose All About Water?

All About Water provides only premium services and comprehensive rental packages.

Northern Michigan

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Michigan

All About Water provides guided kayak tours within Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Empire, Michigan.

All About Water also rents, with free delivery in Leelanau County (northwest of Traverse City), kayaks, and stand up paddleboards.

Please note: we are approved by the National Park Service to deliver our equipment to waters within Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.
For those of you staying at a place on the water, you also have option to have us deliver the kayaks, stand up paddleboards, and the rest of the gear to your location.

If you are unfamiliar with the Leelanau Peninsula we encourage you to consider a destination there. We can suggest locations that will set you up for a successful outing no matter your experience level.

Please see the self-guided-tour information here:


In addition to the kayaks and paddleboards, what equipment is included?

  • Life jackets
  • Paddles
  • Dry bags
  • We will provide extra life jackets of various sizes so family members can share the boats


The kayaks are delivered to the water!


All About Water provides a unique level of service, and here are some of the reasons how/why:

  • You make reservations online – you don’t have to come to our facility or meet us at the water. That means no unnecessary trips in traffic, no looking for a parking spot, no waiting in lines – none of those things that waste your vacation time!
  • You start and stop your outing when you decide, not when we can meet you there
  • We will deliver the kayaks to the water of your choice: beaches and parks open to the public at state, county, and township access sites, and private property
  • The kayaks will be delivered early enough so that they will probably be waiting for you when you are ready to start your outing
  • The kayaks will remain at the delivery point until whenever it is you decide to start
  • We pick them up when you are through for the day
  • You can even make it a one-way paddle outing – we’ll deliver to one place, and pick them up from a second place when you are done
  • Our delivery area enables you to explore areas that might otherwise be unavailable to you
  • Get away from the crowds and enjoy nature’s peace and beauty from the low angle, serenity of a kayak
  • Do some in your group want to paddle at one location, and others want to paddle somewhere else? We can split your deliveries to multiple locations
  • We have local knowledge and will suggest locations if you ask
  • We’ve selected locations based on a number of factors that we believe will increase the chances that you’ll have an enjoyable, successful experience


Some restrictions:

  • Keep in mind that we may be prohibited from delivery to some parcels
  • All About Water reserves the right to refuse to deliver to property based on our judgment (for example, if there is not a safe/adequate driveway, or other logistical issue)


Use your vacation time wisely

Vacation time is at a premium and should be used wisely, not wasted waiting for somebody else or their schedule, availability, or convenience.

How does All About Water help you with this?

  • You make reservations online, there is no need for you to come to our facility
  • The equipment will be waiting for you at the water
  • You decide when you start your day
  • You don’t have to rush through breakfast or lunch in time for some appointment
  • You can shop or go sightseeing as long as you want
  • You can golf all morning and kayak all afternoon
  • You decide how long you spend at the beach and on the water
  • You decide when you’ve had enough for the day
  • You don’t have to transport kayaks to some other location
  • With our delivery locations you can avoid crowds, traffic, crowded parking lots, long lines for equipment, chaos, . . . ugh!
  • Think about that for a minute. . . . Spend your vacation time at your own pace, at peaceful locations, without rushing here and there. . . . That’s nice.

Remember those other vacations when you had to schedule all the activities for the day around one activity that was only available starting in the late morning, early afternoon, or something like that? And then you ended up rushing through everything to get there, or sitting around doing nothing waiting for your appointment. Don’t do that anymore.

Rent from us and enjoy this beautiful destination on your time, and at your pace.

The right equipment for you, for here, for now!

All About Water and our suppliers have chosen the best designs and styles for these waters and these activities. What does that mean?

Ocean Kayaks, which we provide, were originally designed for the big waters of the Pacific Coast and Hawaii – made for stability and comfort

All About Water provides kayak models designed for comfort and stability, not racing or whitewater rapids


Kayak models to appeal to a wide range of possible customer preferences, such as:

    • Paddling as an individual
    • Stand up paddle boarding
    • A model just right for a couple
    • Paddles that are effective in the water, and yet light and easy to use
    • Dry bags that, when used properly, can keep some of those essential personal items dry
    • Equipment that is inspected before every rental
    • Visit bout Our Rental Fleet Page to learn more about our kayaks, sups and gear.
    • View are FAQ Pages from the Navigation menu on this site for even more information about planning a trip.