Kayak Shuttle & Transport

Do you want to start at one location and make it a one-way paddle excursion to another?

You can do that! We offer will shuttle you and the kayak rental gear to the beginning of  your trip and then pick you and the boats back up at the end.



Just let us know where you want to start this adventure and we’ll have the kayaks there in the morning.

If you know even before the start of your day where you’ll want to leave the kayak(s) when you’re done, just let us know and we’ll confirm that we’ll pick up the kayak(s) from there.

If this is an idea that only occurs to you on the day of your rental, let us know even then, too. We are confident we can accommodate your adventurous side and make this work.

Please see information about our NEW, free shuttle service that enables floating down the Imperial River, without having to paddle back upstream against the current. It is a great way to experience a one-way kayaking adventure. Find it here.

This applies to all of the waters in our service area.bonita-kayaking