Who is responsible for equipment that is lost or stolen?

Some customers may wonder if they would be responsible for kayaks and other equipment stolen from the drop-off and pick-up locations.

The short answer is, NO, the customer does not bear the risk of items being stolen from the drop-off and pick-up locations. (Of course this is assuming the customer had nothing to do with the taking of the equipment.)
All About Water has taken steps to minimize the risk of theft. Some of these include:

  • Installing GPS tracking chips into some of our kayaks
  • Choosing drop-off and pick-up sites with video cameras on-site, or close-by capable of tracking ingress and egress
  • All of the kayaks include decals with the required State of Michigan license information
  • All the kayaks have markings unique to All About Water
  • Virtually all local law enforcement agencies know that kayaks with All About Water markings will only be transported on our trailers and vehicles so that if one is seen on a private vehicle they’ll know that it is possibly stolen.

In addition to those things above that apply generally, All About Water rental terms apply specifically to each rental and require minimal actions by the customer. Those actions are described more fully in the rental agreement Terms and Conditions, and also described on this site at: Premium Services > Convenient for you > Procedures for Equipment Return.

Of course, if someone becomes aware of theft or damage to any All About Water equipment, we would appreciate calls to 911, and All About Water as soon as possible.