Is kayaking something new for you?


Is kayaking something new for you?

You can do this!

  • Our kayaks are specifically designed for ease of use, comfort, and stability
  • Kayaking is an activity that can be enjoyed by virtually everyone
  • Individuals with no athletic skills or experience can enjoy kayaking right from the start without lengthy instructional programs
  • Everyone can enjoy the opportunity to get out on the water and experience nature’s peace and beauty from the low-angle, near silent perspective made possible with the use of a kayak
  • Some kayakers will be content paddling without concern for technique
  • Others may enjoy the challenge of honing their paddling skills to make each paddle stroke as efficient as possible, as if they are in a serious competition

Still not sure you can do it?

  • Think about it this way: kayaking is an Olympic sport, but so are basketball, swimming, skating, skiing and other wonderful recreational activities
  • Now think about how many of us enjoy those activities without any hope of achieving Olympic-class skills

It’s as simple as that!

Everyone can enjoy kayaking at their own pace, and their own skill level.

  • We have local knowledge of the waters, and can suggest public access sites that will set you up for a successful outing. For example, you may want to start on a smaller body of water, or a more remote, and therefore less crowded, spot on one of the larger bodies of water.
  • If you are unsure of where to start, just let us know and we can help.
  • If you are sure you want to kayak on a specific body of water, but don’t know the best place to start, let us know that, too.
  • One of the great things about All About Water services is that our delivery program will make it possible for you to enjoy the water in areas that may otherwise be unavailable to you.
  • And remember that when you are done for the day, simply leave the kayak at the water and we’ll pick it up. You don’t have to transport it somewhere else, or wait for somebody to take it from you.
  • See this helpful site with more information about some of our models.

Mangroves on Estero Bay, Bonita Springs, Florida. You can paddle among them by choosing New Pass Bridge, Bonita Springs as your delivery location.